Imperfectionist Housewife

Exerpts from an utterly imperfect perfectionist housewife.

You Are Loved

Do you ever find yourself on the defense and later realize you had made it all up in your head? What if we gave each other the benefit of the doubt and lived with the assumption that we are loved?


Brew Your Own Kombucha!

What is Kombucha and how do you make it? Find out in my new blog post!

My Afternoon Lament

Afternoons are rough for me. So, at the chance that I'm not the only one, here is a perspective shift to get you through the afternoon blues.

Hosting Thanksgiving With A Celiac Guest

Do you have a Thanksgiving guest this year with Celiac or Gluten sensitivity? Here are a few tips from a mother of a Celiac sufferer.


Every night I sing Sanctuary to my children. It is a song that brings me peace, so when my little ones were babies I would sing it when they cried. This song has new meaning to me since our move.

Hormones and Lifestyle

Are you tired, in pain and ready to make a change? How the Drugless Doctor helped me.

She’s Gone Country!

Welcome! I am a Midwest girl who recently moved to Georgia with my husband and two little ones.

Imperfectionist Housewife

What, exactly, is an Imperfectionist?

Dinner Planning!!!!

This app has changed meal planning for me. I love it now!

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