As an Imperfectionist housewife, dinnertime was a daunting task for me.  There are four  separate mouths with different tastes and different needs.  I would go grocery shopping and just buy whatever looked good, take it home, and try to make meals out of it. I’d be searching Pinterest for what to make with the random assortment of food in my house. Is there anything tasty that could be made from ground beef, kale and beets?  Probably, but I would search for an hour and realize that I was missing important ingredients for anything I would want to make.  Tired, confused and out of time, I would just pull out some frozen French fries and make burgers… again.

Enter Gathered Table.  This app/website has been amazing! I just love how easy it is to use and all of the settings that help personalize it to our dietary needs and the time I have each day to cook.  For example: I can tell it that we eat a paleo diet, and on Mondays I only have a half an hour to cook.  It schedules a meal plan for dinner each day (or you can select days you want to cook) each Friday, I go in and edit it for the week, adding recipes or removing ones that I don’t think my family will like.  Then, and this is the best part of all, it will generate a shopping list so that I only buy the foods I will be making that week.

This has simplified my life!  No longer is dinnertime dreaded.  Instead, we all look forward to the next meal, and I enjoy cooking it!

I should add that this is not a free app, however, you can try a week for free and a month is around $9.99 I believe.  The best value if you decide to stick with it is to buy a year.  It is around $94 for a year subscription. If you try it yourself, comment below and tell me how you like it!

Much Love,