Tell me if this is you…

You’re tired.  All the time, maybe even in pain.  Not the kind of pain from an injury or illness necessarily but just a general sense of pain in your body.  You want to have energy and maybe even force yourself to because your life demands it.  But deep down, you just want to lay in bed all day.

Ok, so journey with me to the diagnosis of my daughter’s celiac.  I was healthy.  Probably the healthiest I had been in a long time.  I was eating right, had a job I loved, exercised regularly and had a decent amount of energy.  But I knew my daughter wasn’t well.  Just knowing this but not knowing why or what was causing it was causing me a great amount of stress. Looking back, that was the last time I felt well, was just before this began.

Her condition is an entirely other blog post and I am sure I will get to it soon.  What clues I had that lead me and my daughter’s pediatrician to conclude it was Celiac will take time.  For now, let’s talk about my health after this point.

Despite my best efforts to take care of myself, my daughter’s health took over my life.  I was constantly assessing what she was eating and how it seemed to affect her.  I was trying to get certain nutrients into her body that I knew she needed while battling her general memory of food making her sick.  I tried and failed at a lot of things.  I wouldn’t change this for the world because in the end I succeeded in getting my girl’s health back.  She is now a happy and healthy 6-year-old and we have this Celiac thing down to a science.

But just as we were beginning to get a handle on her health, I became pregnant.  I was ecstatic!  I wanted a sibling for my daughter and was so grateful that the Lord had blessed us in this way.  At the same time, my husband had been in a bad motorcycle accident and was battling the aftermath of a severe concussion.  He wasn’t himself, couldn’t work, couldn’t take care of our daughter.  My employer offered to make me a temporary full time employee and give us benefits.  Thank you again Jesus! But think of this, all at once I was pregnant, the sole provider of the home, the sole caretaker of our daughter, and dealing with a husband who could barely make it through the day and was completely unavailable to me in most ways.  My health was the last thing on my mind.

With time, my husband recovered, found a new and better job and we welcomed a baby boy into our family.  This is when I became a stay at home mom.  Life was headed toward easier times, right?  Well yes, in many ways it was.  But our son had many issues with croup and later asthma.  So again, I was back in research mode.  Trying to figure out what would help my little guy who couldn’t sleep because of this “asthma cough” he had every night.  Again, this is another blog post for another time.  He is doing much better but still struggles.

So, in all of this, I turned to wine… altogether too much of it.  To cope with the stress of helping everyone in my family be healthy.  And then came the tiredness, the pain, the lack of motivation to do anything with my day.  The perfectionist in me was going crazy so I began to suffer from anxiety.  I would have an anxiety attack just looking at the messy living room.  The children fighting would send me over the edge and I would medicate with wine.  Which instead exasperated the problem.

One day I had had enough.  I wasn’t going to live this way anymore.  It was my turn to be healthy.  Not just do some healthy things here and there, but to take control of my overall health and well-being.  My research lead me to the book Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones.  Ladies, it is not ok to feel exhaustion and pain on a regular basis.  And there is no magic pill, lotion or fad diet that will cure it.  They may treat certain symptoms for a time but they will not get to the root of the problem.  Reading this book, it became evident to me that I was dealing with Adrenal Fatigue and Liver problems.  My lifestyle had run my endocrine system down so much that it was affecting my hormones and my organs were struggling to keep me going.

So, what did I personally change when reading the book that has given me my energy, mental clarity and emotional health back?  Here are the steps I have taken so far…

  • I stopped drinking wine or any alcohol altogether (this may or may not be permanent depending on how long it takes for my health to recover)
  • I stopped eating grains
  • I eat Dr. Bob’s ABC’s every day – half an apple, cooked or juiced beets, and raw carrots
  • I eat greens with every meal
  • I eat fermented foods daily for probiotics (since I had my appendix removed this is very important)
  • I take whole food supplements of zinc and vitamin B
  • I drink close to a gallon of water a day (Not tap water – reverse-osmosis if possible and if necessary add trace minerals. Or if you have access, get fresh spring water.)
  • Meditate – because I am a Christian, I pray and I believe that my time with the Lord may be the single most important part of my recovery
  • Sleep as much as my life allows
  • Exercise with weight bearing and cardio – closing it out with yoga each time to help my body stretch and recover (you would be surprised at the free workouts you can find on YouTube)

Ladies, if you are struggling like I was, please do not turn to drugs first, give this book a try.  I think if you truly make the lifestyle changes he suggests, you will feel better.  Remember that health is a journey and to all of you Imperfectionists out there, remember to offer yourself grace!  You won’t be able to be perfect immediately (if ever), this takes time!  Strive for imperfect progress.  Be patient, it may take up to a year or more for you to feel good again, depending on how poor your health is when you start.

Thank you for reading today!

Much Love,