Every night I sing Sanctuary to my children.  It is a song that brings me peace, so when my little ones were babies I would sing it when they cried.  I sang it more to keep myself calm while I tried to calm them, but it had a way of calming them as well.  Now, they ask for it every night and my husband or I will sing it at bedtime.

When we moved from Michigan to Georgia, we also moved from a neighborhood full of friends out to the country.  We have neighbors but they tend to keep to themselves or just have a lot going on with children in traveling soccer leagues and such.  At first I thought the peace and quiet would be good for me, but as the chaos from the move settled down and life became quiet, I found myself feeling depressed and lonely.  It was as if I was in a prison of trees.  The quiet was depressing so I would have the TV on all day so I would not have to face the all-consuming quiet that I feared.  Being a stay at home mom with a husband who travels can be lonely and it lead to an unhealthy cycle of destructive behavior.  Too much wine and sugary foods became my escape.  My way to disconnect from it all.

One day I had had enough of feeling sorry for myself so I turned off the TV, threw out my wine and forced myself to face the quiet.  To finally give it all to God and say “you are enough for me!”

Slowly but surely, my solitude turned into a blessing from God, a way for Him to grasp my soul and speak to me in ways I had been too busy and distracted for in the past.  Now, I sit in the quiet, listening to the birds chirping in the trees.  This place in the woods has become my sanctuary.  A blessed place where God is alive and speaks to me.  That is, after all, what a home should be.  As believers, we are home when we are in God’s presence.  It may have taken 4 months, but this place, these four walls nestled in the woods, feels like home.

Take some time today and sing a song to your maker that makes you feel at peace, at home in His presence.  If you don’t have one, try mine!

Lord, prepare me, to be a sanctuary
Pure and holy, tried and true
With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living
Sanctuary for You