Many of you know by now that my daughter has Celiac.  This means she cannot have gluten. It makes her very sick, not just with gastrointestinal symptoms but also fever and nausea.  Normally occurring roughly 48 hours after exposure.

So how do we handle a holiday that is traditionally saturated with gluten? From stuffing to dinner rolls to pie; heck, even the green bean casserole is a culprit for those abstaining from gluten.  Here are some tips from a mother of a Celiac sufferer.

I am one of those moms who reads every label and scrutinizes over everything my daughter eats so I prefer she eat foods that I make for her in our kitchen.  In our home, the few foods with gluten are sequestered away from all other foods.  Make it clear to your guest that it is ok for them to bring their own foods just for them.  Do not make a big deal about it when they eat their food from home while you all eat the feast prepared for the group.

If you decide to make something gluten free just for them, please do not be too emotionally invested in your guest liking it.  This especially applies to children with fickle tastes that are often changing.  It is a lot of pressure on that little child and his/her parents for them to like this food.  I have many a time had to either pretend the child ate it and loved it when she wouldn’t even go near it or apologize profusely for her reaction to said food.  If you want to make something gluten free for them, be sure to ask what the child usually enjoys but also be ok if they do not end up enjoying your treat.

If you are the guest and your host has made the whole meal gluten free for whatever reason, be sure to try everything with an open mind!  It may be different than what you are used to but that does not mean it is bad.  Give it a chance, you might be surprised at how little a difference it makes on taste.

A couple of tips to make sure your guest can eat the turkey and gravy…

Refrain from putting the stuffing in the turkey, stuffing the turkey will mean they cannot eat the turkey.

Make the gravy with cornstarch, arrowroot or tapioca instead of flour.  This will make it celiac safe but only if the turkey was not stuffed because you are most likely using the drippings from said turkey to make the gravy.

I hope these tips help you this Thanksgiving!

God Bless!